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Women In horror

Congrats to all the Official Selections & The Winners. Thank you all for participating and sharing your films & Screenplays with 7th Annual Zed Fest Film Festival 2016

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A little note about our artwork this year we were always inspired by the Great Modern Graphic Artist Patrick Nagel. Which Popularized Art Deco Modern Art Graphics in the Early in the 1980's. We have been working on trying to pay homage to Nagel with our graphics for years. We are proud to finally have done it. Get your Zed Fest 2016 Nagel Homage Tshirt or Event Poster.
Thank you to everyone that joined us for our 7th Annual Zed Fest Film Festival 2016 Night 4 Xmas Twisted Tales Party. It was a lot fun catching up with everyone and looking forward to more great independent filmmaking in 2017.

Congrats to all the Official Selections & The Winners. Thank you all for participating and sharing your films & Screenplays with 7th Annual Zed Fest Film Festival 2016

7th Annual Zed Fest Film Festival Feature Screenplay Winners 2016
1st Place Halfway Lukas Hassel
2nd Place The Shadow Over Providence Scott Kirkpatrick
3rd Place Juliet of The Night City Emanuel Ruggeri
4th Place The Rainbow Crystals Neil Chase
5th Place Wet Lewayne White
  Puerto Resorto Justin Crooks
  Cover Crop Jeffrey Howe
  The Muffin Conundrum Diana Woody
  Lost Art Ivan Borodin
  The Last Book Store Colette Freedman & Brooke Purdy
  Dream Babies Mathieu Alepin
7th Annual Zed Fest Film Festival Short Screenplay Winners 2016
1st Place The Son, the Father... Lukas Hassel
2nd Place

Deception Pass

Erik Wiese & Cynthia True
3rd Place Finding Cosmos 145 Diana Woody
  Note to Self Humayun Mirza
  Transporter Device Alan Howcroft
  Dad(S) Alice Barden
  1-800-Witchesgottaburn Tim Carpenter
7Th Annual Zed Fest Feature Screenplay Competition 2016 Finalists
Akaa Paul Forrest
American Dream Charles Ancelle
Black Sunday Heidi Willis
Blood Trigger Ron Podell
Born Losers: Hell in Heelz Alex Anico
Cajun Justice Mike Briock
Clear Blue Sky Michael Brazda
Cover Crop Jeffrey Howe
Dakota Caves - 2 Miles Robert J. Rogers
Dead Cargo Theodore Soderberg
Dean The Drummer Tannaz Hazemi
Drag Eamonn Larsen
Dream Babies Mathieu Alepin
Halfway Lukas Hassel
Heros Like Us Marko Nikolic
Indiscriminate Killers Greg Fellows
Juliet Of The Night City Emanuel Ruggeri
Lockdown Pawel Grajnert
Lost Art Ivan Borodin
Nicole, her Ex & the Killer Bob Akins
Omega Drew Nielsen and Arika R Crotty 
Puerto Resorto Justin Crooks
Red Velvet Tom Radovich
Reflections Lori Howell
Resurrection Time Conspiracy James Carroll
Stoners Vs. Vampires Stuart Creque
Taking Down The Met Andrea Forrest
Tarred and Taken Joseph I Martinez
The 3 Rocket Racers Philip Dumas
The Charlottetown Jackhammer Imbroglio Marc Lalonde
The Cursed Man James Perry
The Dead Life Andrew Wassom and Chuck Mittan
The Dumbest Generation Leslie Lyshkov
The Floyd Side Of The Moon Vince Kianese
The Gingerbread House Protocol Gregory Barton
The Heretics Neil Looker
The Last Book Store Colette freedman and Brooke Purdy
The Muffin Conundrum Diana Woody
The Rainbow Crystals Neil Chase
The Red Shoes Tina Love
The Shadow Over Providence Scott Kirkpatrick
The Silver Ball Jake Lowenstein
Virgin Killers Tannaz Hazemi
Weekend Warriors Melvin Cartagena
Wet Lewayne White
Zed Fest Short Screenplay Competition 2016 Finalists
1-800-Witches Gotta Burn Tim Carpenter
Anuarite: Martyr of Purity Bibi Amos
Beholder Adam Doquiatan
Big Girls Jackie Cloud
Concrete Jungle Ron Podell
Dad(s) Alice Barden
Deception Pass Erik Guerrero Wiese
Destroyer of Worlds Humayun Mirza
Finding Cosmos 145 Diana Woody
Gasolina Tannaz Hazemi
Just Execution Jonty Willment-knowles
Note to Self Humayun Mirza
The Dulcet Swan Jess Grant
The Son, the Father… Lukas Hassel
Transporter Device Alan Howcroft


Nov 1,2 , 3, 2016 7pm-12:30 am,Laemmle's NoHo 7 Noho Arts District
5240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

7th Annual Zed Fest Film Festival 2016 Official Selections
Congratulations! To our Zed Fest Film Festival Phil Tucker Spirit Award 2016
Director / Producer - Karl Huber For "The Broadcast"


For determination, perseverence, and innovation
in independent moviemaking Zed Fest Film Festival acknowledges and encourages the undersigned recipient



Johann Karlo's Gun Driver Johann Karlo Johann Karlo USA
The Broadcast Karl Huber Karl Huber USA
The Raking Bryan Brewer

Bryan Brewer,Allie Rivera,Laura G.Heine

Virtual Revolution Guy-Roger Duvert Guy-Roger Duvert USA
Vrem James Noel Edward Bolman USA
Featurette DIRECTOR PRODUCER Country
Creatures of Whitechapel Jonathan Martin Rebecca Martin UK
Lonely Lil Ri Versteegh, Josie Martineaux Ri Versteegh USA
MOS Scott Brown Scott Brown,Jeevin Johal,Mike Kam Canada
600 Space Aliens Scott Bateman Scott Bateman USA
A Menacing Proposal Diana Woody Diana Woody USA
Alchemy Brandon Polanco Ian Kevin Scott USA
Are you Lonely? Alicia Hepker Shawn Schminke USA
Arts & Crafts Alex Domenici
Jessica Killam,Jeremy Scott Glenn
Beauty in the Beast Ryan Paige Ryan Paige UK
Bohemian Spirit Steven Lancefield Steven Lancefield UK

Bye Felicia: Wrath of the Girl Next Door

Daniel Selleck,Jonathan Correia Daniel Selleck,Jonathan Correia USA
Cradle David Holechek David Holechek,Ben Nichols USA
Dark Specter Bruce Nachsin,Chris Warren Bruce Nachsin,Roe Moore USA
C.Gierowski,S. Snowden,N. Pinsoneault,S. Gleine
Stephen Snowden USA
Demonic Attachment Matt Aaron Krinsky Jennifer Nangle USA
Drunk Zombies
Alex Napiwocki,Jerry Pierce,Richard Trejo
Alex Napiwocki USA
Gothic Truth Kerry Everett Kerry Everett USA
It's in The Kitchen Michael Hilf Mike Rad USA
Kookie Justin Harding Justin Harding Canada
Mandrone Bryce Williams

Bryce Williams

No Peas for the Weary Aaron Franke
Scott Young,Tara C. Hall Ryan Quinn Adams
No Touching Adam Davis Adam Davis USA
Sharkasaurus Spencer Estabrooks
Spencer Estabrooks,Greg Jeffs,Emily R. Wallace
Speaking in Tongues Thomas Nicol Thomas Nicol USA
Sprinkles Brooke Lewis Brooke Lewis USA
The Catalyst Alan Fine USA
The Deadlight Wasef El-Kharouf Kenya Nunley USA
The Oracle Nan Feix Soixante Quinze France
The Unforgiven Jason Piccioni Arnon Manor,Jason Piccioni USA
Titan Force Daniel Frevert Daniel Frevert Italy
Vostok Miquel Casals Maurici Jimenez Spain
Yo Soy Pedro Jordan Inconstant Jordan Inconstant France
Cuckold Picasso Lance Larson Stephen Sweeney USA
Death Metal Chris McInroy
Berndt Mader,Ben Steinbauer,Veronica Leon
Don't Be Afraid Of The Shower Anthony Mezza

Anthony Mezza

Dots Jody Oberfelder  Jody Oberfelder,Eric Siegel USA
Lilly Gets A Pet The Bum Family Xstine Cook Canada
Ms. Vampy Brooke Lewis Brooke Lewis USA
Military Men: Seize The Snow Mountain Castle
Philip Helander,Gottfrid Helander
Philip Helander,Gottfrid Helander USA
Peak Phosphorus

Michael Mehring

Metropolitan Picture Scientists USA
Save Iván Sáinz-Pardo Iván Sáinz-Pardo DE
The Song of Wandering Aengus Matthew Lawes
Matthew Lawes,Marlena Hellebø,Marta Sala Font
The Unmissing Part Ahmad Alkhudari Ahmad Alkhudari Kuwait
The Wrath of Ranger X Kyle Erwin Kyle Erwin USA
Watch Your Back Christian Ackerman
Sean J.Decker,Christian Ackerman,Zev Birnbaum
TOM And His Computer "Organ" Martin Garde Abildgaard Rikke Katborg DK
Zed Fest Film Festival & Screenplay Competition 2017
Next Deadline April 21, 2017
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$5,000.00 total value in Cash Awards & Prizes

(Cash awards and prizes are shared among selected winners)

ENTER zedfest screenplay HERE

Zed Fest Film Festival & Screenplay Competition was founded to encourage and support independent low and big budget, filmmakers, who work in the horror, suspense, science fiction, drama,action, adventure, and art house genres.

After participating in Zed Fest Film Festival, many of our filmmakers have been able to advance their careers develop their next projects. We take pride in the fact that we are able maintain relationships with participants, to encourage and help them develop and promote their future endeavors.

Our Top prize PHIL TUCKER SPIRIT award (Named after Indie Film Making Pioneer Director Best known for Directing Robot Monster in 3-D ~1953)

Zed Fest Film Festival ~ Mary Pickford Award~

This Award is to Highlight Women in The Film Arts. "The Mary Pickford Award" Is Named In honor the Great Mary Pickford Silent Film Pioneer.

You can enter our Zed Fest Film Festival and to be considered for this award. If you have directed, produced or co-produced, written a screenplay.

Mary Pickford was a Canadian-American motion picture actress, co-founder of the film studio United Artists and one of the original 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In addition she starred in countless films,including several in the Action Genre making her one of the first action film stars. She produced many of her films having started in film acting as child she understood the medium better than most and knew early on that artists in film needed to be protected and have more control over their work. She also was instrumental in archiving early silent films, including Charlie Chaplin Films.

Zed Fest Film Festival ~ Golden Marquee Awards For Top Feature and Short Film

The Zed Fest Film Festival Golden Marquee is awarded each year to the feature film and short film that display exemplary technical proficiencies in filmmaking and storytelling.



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